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 What is VOIP (Voice over IP)?

Since the beginning of the XXI century voice over IP gained great popularity. VoIP is used now in corporate environment and by private users. It can significantly reduce the cost of calls, especially long-distance and international. An active company of any level can significantly save on the cost of voice communication using low rates for outgoing calls. In some cases, the VoIP allows to save up to 70% of the costs compared with PSTN (traditional telephony).

Special equipment is located at the provider side: VoIP gateways. Such gateways are connected to PSTN on one side and to the internet on the other. They allow you to make calls to any number in the world and make it possible to communicate with any computer connected to the network. Hence the name, VoIP gateway.

The phone signal is encoded by the gateway, compressed, divided into individual IP-packets and sent over the Internet to another gateway, where transformation of VoIP packets to PSTN signal takes place.

VoIP solves problems that are difficult and more expensive to handle using the old-style telephony. For example, use of VoIP allows you to send more than one phone call over one telecommunication line (in this case internet link). In other words, it is very easy to add an additional phone line to your home or office.

VoIP eliminates the need to buying additional expensive equipment (e.g. expansion cards for PBX) for the following services:

  • Conference
  • Voicemail
  • Interactive voice messages (IVR)
  • Interactive queues
  • Call forwarding
  • Auto-redial
  • Caller-ID

Using VPN connections allows you to encrypt voice traffic. Calls are now not only cheap, but also safe. Your conversation is virtually impossible to intercept and decode.

You are not bound to one place. Using VoIP you only need a stable Internet connection. When you move to a new place you do not lose phone numbers. Moreover, you do not even need to transfer them!